Monday, March 18, 2013

Mumbai, my love ...

Mumbai, my love...

To the newbies, she is a means to get ahead in life. She provides jobs, new career options and even a new life.

To me, she is the earth mother. I was born in her lap, played in her play grounds and grew up learning about her moods, her history, geography and even civics. She was different back then. More laid back, prettier.

Today there are ants crawling all over her - she is over run by a sea of humanity all out to drain her resources. A beautiful city in her hey day, today people call her all kinds of names forgetting that she is what we have made of her, over the years.

Sometimes I dream of her resplendent in her past glory and hope to see her like that again. But I also know that is just a wild dream. Things don't change, especially once we have brutalized her so awfully.

To this earth mother,  a salute and a warm hug.


  1. Brilliant description of the state of affairs in our beloved city!!

    1. Glad you agree ... Wish we had the power to change things!

  2. that was a straight from the gut outburst... of pure sentiment! Glad you empathize with the feeling.

  3. I am afraid I can't 'plan' to write. When a "need to vocalize" a thought builds up, it just gushes out in one uncontrollable outburst. In fact that is the reason why I have gone silent on all my blogs for quite some time now. The 'busy'ness of life is one reason, of course. The ink in my pen has dried up in a way. But I do know that there is rising turmoil inside me and soon it is going to erupt into another post. :-)